Monday, October 13, 2008

Tel Aviv, Israel

Our team arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel at about 9 in the morning on Sunday. Tel Aviv looked a little like I thought it was going to, with many big hotels and many tourist spots. It is particularly nice that the city is right on the Mediterranean sea (beautiful beach), and the weather is very nice (70-80 degrees). Our first day was a relaxation day and we were able to go explore, or try to stay awake as long as possible in order to get a good nights rest. Today, or monday, we had practice at Nokia Hall...the gym where the professional team Maccabi Israel plays (Carlos Arroya plays for them). It was very neat to see a professional team overseas, as Maccabi was coming onto the court as our team was leaving. It was also cool to see one of the Israeli teams that Ben Strong (my former teammate) will be playing against. I actually was able to contact Ben through a computer message and he was able to call the hotel that we are staying in. He also had practice today but I think that he will be able to travel to Tel Aviv and hang out later on today.
As for games, we dont play until tomarrow night at 7pm as well as thursday night. I am very excited for our games!!! Also, our day off on Wednesday should be great, as our bus is offering to take us to Jerusalem and then take us back to Tel Aviv to go and watch one of Maccabi's games in Nokia Hall. Right this second I am sitting in a internet cafe with some of my teammates Dean, Grant, Brian, and Antwan, along with some of the globetrotters (Turbo, Stormin', and Rare Air). I am excited about the rest of this week....wish the Generals luck as we will attempt to get our second win all time vs. the globetrotters.

GO Guilford Basketball!!!

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Kirsten Schrader said...

We are in 2 a days...miss you being here! I haven't read too much yet, but i am looking forward to hearing about your advantures! Tyler broke his nose on the second day. He'll be in a mask.