Monday, October 6, 2008

Training Camp

Friday, October 3rd started my journey as a Washington General. As soon as I flew in to JFK airport at 3:50pm, a bus transported me, my teammates, and many members of the Harlem Globetrotters to a very nice hotel in Long Island, NY. The feeling I got on the ride to the Hotel was very fulfilling as I found myself interacting with basketball players that I often watch on the TV. The days at training camp so far have been filled with a lot of basketball, food, and meetings. Here is a quick overview of a typical day of training camp for me:

7:00am - wake up call

7:30 - a VERY delicious catered breakfast w/ Harlem Globetrotters and personnel

8:20 - bus leaves for the gym (can not be late or you will be fined...not used to that one)
8:50 - bus arrives at gym

9:00 - stretching begins

9:10 - practice begins (includes many shooting drills, going over plays, playing games against the Harlem Globetrotters, etc.)

11:50 - Practice ends

12:00 - Lunch is catered to the gym (So far we have had Boston Market, Subway, and a Ribs meal from some restaurant...mmmmmmmmmm it was all very tasty!)

1:30 - Stretching begins again

1:40 - Practice Begins again

3:50 - Practice ends (We are all usually very tired)

4:00 - Buses depart for Hotel

4:30 - Buses arrive at Hotel

6:00pm - 9:30 Dinner is catered at the Hotel followed by a loooooong meeting of some sort involving how to deal w/media, how to manage money, Globetrotter history, etc.

All of my new teammates are very nice, and the veterans of the team have really helped the new guys to learn the ways of the Washington Generals. My roommate is a guy named Grant Herren who actually played at Presbyterian College. This is his second year w/ the Washington Generals, and much to my surprise he happened to play w/ Rhett Bonner while in college. Rhett played with me at Guilford this past year after transferring from Presbyterian. It really is a small world!! Grant is a very solid player who often holds his own against the Globetrotters during practice. Grant is also the captain of the Generals this year. I am very excited about the upcoming tour to the Mediterranean. It is still hard for me to believe that I am able to continue to play basketball after college?!?! Anyhow, it has been a very long day and tomorrow is picture day, meaning wake up call is at 6 O'CLOCK!!!! Goodnight to all!


--feel free to leave any comments or questions about my journey with the Harlem Globetrotters, I will be happy to respond or answer any questions.


Dave Walters said...

Awesome! It's great to read of your experiences. I'm curious to see how many other connections to Guilford to make while on this team, like the way you met up with Rhett's former teammate. It really is a small world! Enjoy.

Chris Hartzell said...

We Are very proud of you. Enjoy every moment. When you are playing close enough, we will be there to watch.

Michael & Sarah said...

Wow, Caleb - congrats on all of this! We always enjoyed watching you and Ben interact together... we'll miss you come b-ball season here in Greensboro, but we'll look for you when we can. (I'm Andrew Gates' older sister, by the way...) Good luck & God speed in your travels!

Gregory said...

yo dawg, i cant tell you how happy i am for ya brother -- keep in touch and do whatever it is you need to do while out in the real world; keep it real homie, and remember, rule #76 -- No excuses, play like a champion!!